*How to propose a girl ?*

The epic word propose means make an offer be in a relationship to someone. If you like / love someone , you should not make yourself delay to propose. If you are in love with any girl and finding difficulty to tell her, if you are confused that how to propose a girl? Then no need to be worry its normal with everyone. At this phase you should not take anyone suggestions that how to propose your love . The main thing is never to copy anyones style during the time of propose .

*Here are the some tips of how to propose a girl ?*

*# Be Natural*
While proposing a girl be as much as simple you are , because girls like the natural and simple guy more than a stupid fashionable guy . Whenever you are talking with the girl whom you like , always try to make her feel safe & happy.

*# Make something special plans*
Most of the girls like some special things , so a boy should propose a girl in a unique way .The mean of unique way is not like to do something stupidity , because some girls also have a crush with the same boy an they want to hear that three golden words from their mouth.

*Take a girl on their favourite spot*
Its a very important thing to get know of a girl to whom you want to propose is in a good mood or not . To make a girls mood better take her on her favourite spot. Even you can take a girl where you met her first time and create the same scene again .

*# Have a special favourite food*
Most of all the girls are foody. The best cheap favourite street food of girls are *PANIPURI*. So always try to make them feed what they want .

*# They like gifts*
Girls like the gifts very much . At the time of propose you can gift her a beautiful ring. If you have a small budget then no need to be worry , you can gift her a cute teddy because , girls like teddy very much .


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